White Leather Ring Belts




In the SCA & Battle of Nations the White Belt is the symbol of a Knight.

These Ring Belts work great for Historical Reenactors and Renaissance Faire participants. I make them long, so you will have a lot hanging down. Each of the Ring Belts are made from Designer Latigo 7-8 ounce Leather. I make them in widths from 1” to 2½”. Lengths vary from 60″ to 78″. These come with a Nickel plated ring and hardware or Brass plated ring and hardware your choice. 

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Sizes & Hardware

1" Ring Belt Nickel Hardware $25, 1" Ring Belt Brass Hardware $30, 1.5" Ring Belt Nickel Hardware $30, 1.5" Ring Belt Brass Hardware $35, 2" Ring Belt Nickel Hardware $35, 2" Ring Brass Hardware $40, 2.5" Ring Belt Nickel Hardware $40, 2.5" Ring Brass Hardware $45


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